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Dr. Rollin McCraty has been with IHM since its inception in1991. He worked with founder Doc Childre to formulate the organization’s research goals and create its Scientific Advisory Board. McCraty is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, holds memberships with the International Neurocardiology Network, American Autonomic Society, Pavlovian Society and Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and is an adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University. He and his research team regularly participate in collaborative studies with other U.S. and international scientific, medical and educational institutions.

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[00:14:06] And the fact is that a toxic food culture is fueling epidemic rates of heart disease and also cancer diabetes obesity even dimentia and it’s heartbreaking to recognize that actually when someone dies of heart disease the cause of death is called Heart disease.

[00:14:28] But actually that’s a symptom the cause of death was diet and lifestyle which fueled the heart disease.

[00:14:35] And if you eat the standard American diet then it is predictable that you’re going to die of one of the diseases more likely than not that are fueled by that very diet. If heart disease doesn’t get you cancer or likely will you’re likely going to suffer [43.1]

[00:20:18] maybe you know people who are down in Twinkies and French fries and Coca-Cola all the time and donuts and their idea of a healthy breakfast is you know to get the donut that doesn’t have the chocolate on top you know and we love them right. We love them.

[00:20:32] And you know you have no influence if you cast someone out of your heart but with love also comes perhaps compassion and a desire to care for somebody which might also involve speaking to them honestly about the fact that we want them in our life that we care about them that we want to see them well. And of course we teach best by example. So when you are eating well and living well and loving well then people will naturally be drawn to you and want to be more like you. [39.3]

[00:42:59] But if they are I think they ought to be subsidizing the healthy foods instead of the junk foods. [5.4]

[00:51:13] So the average physician in the United States today in all of the years of medical school they receive less than 19 hours of nutritional education. [8.3] [00:51:34] Doctors are not trained in whole foods nutrition at all which is kind of like firefighters not being trained in use of water because food is the foundation of health. [8.4] [00:51:59] That’s why most of our hospitals are serving junk food. There’s McDonald’s in hospitals today. So in that context I want to see the medical system become a health care system for real and which you care far help in stands for Health. And look look out for our help. I want to see doctors get paid when their patients are well not just when they’re sick. [17.7]

[00:53:05] in my vision a doctor would be paid more for prescribing broccoli than for prescribing chemotherapy drugs because it would do more good in many cases terms of long term health outcomes. [10.6] [00:53:40] Diet related disease caused more than six hundred fifty thousand deaths last year. [4.9]

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