Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About Your Heart.

Your Heart is NOT a Pump!

Discover How to Heal, Empower & Follow Your Heart
Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

“I attend a lot of summits. The Heart Revolution is a step above. There are so many outstanding speakers and SO much fabulous, implementable information.”


“I listen to many summits and never buy the packages, but this one is really speaking to me …”


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What Your Doc Doesn’t Know About Your Heart …

Learn from over 60+ experts on how to heal and prevent heart disease with natural medicine. See how the latest research on nutrition, fitness and the mind/body connection help to protect your heart and discover mind-bending facts like why your heart does not pump blood and much more.

The Proven & Safe Alternatives

Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds, and someone dies of a heart attack every 60 seconds. Despite billions of dollars spent on technology and pharmaceutical research cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in both men and women globally. But more and more doctors turn to effective, safe and gentle alternatives.

Heal Your ‘Emotional’ Heart

Anger, fear, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and loneliness have a profound effect on your physical and emotional health. Most of us try to escape those unpleasant feelings, but is this really the solution? Learn to heal and transform your emotions and relationships with love and compassion.

Ways To Reconnect To & Follow Your Heart

Learn how to connect and listen to the subtle voice of your heart again. And discover a path to a life beyond your wildest dreams. Your heart is your compass to your soul-filment.

Discover how medical trailblazers see and
treat your heart

Treating heart disease without pills and surgery is just the beginning. Learn how to prevent heart problems and what these medical experts know that your doc might not know yet.


Alan Christianson, NMD

Discover the link between our heart and our adrenals and how to support better health through these biological pathways.


Drew Christensen, MD

Rather unusual and personal empathic view of a medical doctor on the heart and how to help people with heart problems.


Charley Cropley, ND

How your doctor could and should be a teacher in helping you to help yourself. Education as medicine.


Peter D’Adamo, ND

How to utilize knowledge about your blood type to take care of your heart health and also treat heart problems.


Paul Epstein, ND

Mindful healing … integrating treating the biology and the biography, the story of the cells and story of the self,  healing and curing …. we need both
Transform stress pain and illness into a journey of self healing and awakening

Dr Keesha Ewers

The wonderful benefits Ayurvedic and Mystic medicine holds for our hearts and bodies.


Joel Kahn, MD

Renew the strength of your heart & support clean arteries with excellent blood flow at any stage of heart disease.


Christoph Kaufmann, MD

A cardiologist explains Rudolf Steiners teachings about our hearts and the anthroposopical approach to heart treatments.


Laura Koniver, MD

How the simple practice of grounding, a re-connection with our beautiful planet can benefit our physical and energetic heart.


Thomas Kruzel, ND

The benefits of professional usage of homeopathic medicine in the growing field of naturopathic cardiology.


Ben Lynch, ND

The art and science of nutrigenomics (using nutrition to influence your genes) in prevention and treatment of heart disease.


Steven Masley, MD

What every patient and doctor should know about the cause and treatment of heart disease.

Tyna Moore Naturopathic Doctor

Tyna Moore, ND

The importance of strength training for our heart and overall health.


Michael Murray, ND

Ways we can take care of our hearts, prevent problems and even reverse heart disease with natural medicine.


Markus Peters, MD

German approaches to heart treatments that utilizes rarely used but highly efficient concepts of the heart.


Thomas Cowan, MD

Your heart is not a pump, the true purpose of your heart and the real cause of heart attacks.


Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

Fascinating research and findings about non-local healing and prayer for heart care.


Decker Weiss, NMD, FAFSA

Naturopathic preventative cardiology: Experience from his treatments of over 40,000 heart patients.


Doni Wilson, ND

Stress & the Heart: Things you did not know about stress, emotional support and better heart health


Jack & Heather Wolfson, DO/DC

“The Paleo Cardiologist” approach to heart health, instead of the conventional Band-Aid fixes.

Your Heart Is Literally The 'Heart Of The Matter'

These speakers will open your consciousness to the central role our heart plays in every aspect of our lives. From before our first heartbeat to beyond our last.

Ameet Aggarwal The Heart Revolution

Ameet Aggarwal, ND

A rarely discussed topic: Discover how emotional trauma of past generations can influence your heart today and how to take care of this.


Dr. Eben Alexander

A near death experience changed the worldview of science, consciousness heart and soul of this renowned neurosurgeon.


Razi Berry

Discover how self-sabotage leads to illness and the natural path that will heal your broken heart and transform your broken health. 


Elaine Glass

Finding quiet and the purpose of your life. A journey to your heart and deeper self.


Niki Gratrix

How  does trauma in our childhood affect our emotional and physical heart and how we can heal.


Peter Gray, PhD

The necessity of play for our children and how it affects our emotions and heart of life.

Lee Harris Energy - The Heart Revolution

Lee Harris

Uncovering your hearts purpose & mission on Earth, and committing to being an change agent. Are you already on your heart’s path?

Madan Kataria - Laughter Guru - The Heart Revolution

Madan Kataria, MD

The ‘Guru of Giggling’ will explain and show you the powerful benefits of laughter yoga for our heart and soul.

Jonathan Landsman - NaturalHealth365 - The Heart Revolution

Jonathan Landsman

Your heart-health is directly related to your oral health. Learn how to take care of this important connection!


Julie McIntyre

Discover the link between our hearts, earth, emotional intimacy and sacred sex.


Michael Mendizza

The importance of the heart in early mother-child bonding and the role of heartful play for a healthy future of humanity.


Wendy Myers

The benefits of detoxification for your heart health and why ‘detox’ should be a lifestyle aspect and not a short term thing.


Deanna Minich, PhD

Discover the mysteries and magic of your heart chakra and how it will help you to life a full spectrum life driven by joy and dreams.


Dr. Sue Morter

What role do our hearts play in accessing higher frequency energy patterns to realize your life purpose and living it with grace.


Karen Newell

Accessing the inner wisdom of the heart with sound technology that can help us experience our higher selves and facilitate healing, greater creativity and intuition.


Joseph C. Pearce

About the Heart-Mind matrix and how our hearts can teach our minds new ways of thinking that will enable us to evolve.

christina-rasmussen second firsts The Heart Revolution

Christina Rasmussen

Learn to restart your heart, soul and life after devastating loss and heartbreak from death, disease, betrayal.


Michael Sandler, Host of Inspire Nation 

Discover how to access your inner resilience to overcome tragedy and adversity. Learn how to listen to and follow your heart to achieve personal success.

jp-spears the heart revolution

JP Sears

Coaching you to find yourself and the biggest version of yourself in life while embracing your shadow as well.

JJ Virgin - The Heart Revolution

JJ Virgin

Learn about the miracle mindset when facing extremely challenging situations and JJ’s tips for staying strong and centered.

Ignite Your Heart & Soul With Spiritual, Religious, Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom

Learn how what your heart really is, far beyond pumping blood and how to re-connect to it's mystical magic far beyond what words can explain.


David Freidel, PhD, Prof.

The Mayan culture’s fascinating concepts about the heart and it’s importance for our life.


Mingtong Gu

The Taoist perspective on the heart and how to take care of our heart health with QiGong and Chinese Medicine.


Kabir Helminski

The central focus of Sufism on the magic and mysteries of our hearts and how to experience divine truth beyond the mind.


Serge Kahili King, PhD

The traditional Hawaiian view of the heart and it’s relation to this world.


Ilarion Merculieff

Beautiful, playful & heartwarming teachings from an Aleut wisdom carrier, and how to find your heart with the help of gibberish 🙂 Seriously!


Evan T. Pritchard

Teachings from the Mi’kmaq about Kamalamun and our heart’s connection to life itself. And poetry in the Mi’kmaq language!


Christopher Wallis, PhD

The teachings of the tantric scriptures about our hearts and a practical approach to experiencing your deeper self.

Meet the Creators of this Event


Razi Berry

Love Is Medicine

When I was 14 years old I was hospitalized with a heart condition that was the complication of an eating disorder. My family was told to prepare for the worst and priest was called to perform the Last Rites. But something happened. In the hospital, I had a spiritually transformative experience and made a full recovery. From that point on I became keenly aware of the role of our mind/body/spirit in healing and, as many of us do, began to search for the answers to life and love, and to health. I became more aware of my heart physically because of the chest pain I sometimes experienced but also became more aware of my emotional and spiritual heart. 

Later as a patient of naturopathic medicine and my career as founder of NaturalPath and the journal Naturopathic Doctor News & Review I have come to further understand and respect the holistic paradigm of health and healing. We are much more than body parts, and the conventional medical model has failed to recognize us a such. We are mind, body, heart and spirit. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, globally, in both men and women–and depression, anxiety, stress have become our new set point. You might say that we are all literally dying of “broken” hearts.

I’m excited to bring to light the ways in which nutrition, naturopathic medicine, fitness, laughter, joy, pain, loss, grief, forgiveness, beauty, loneliness, anger, spirituality, shame, fear, and love affect our health and how we can holistically move toward healing. Please join me at The Heart Revolution!

When I was 13 I was determined to become a theoretical physicist. At that time it seemed to be the only way I could discover and understand the deepest mysteries of life. Then I realized that in order to understand life completely I would have to study all fields. Feeling overwhelmed and not capable I fell into a deep darkness. It took me many years of searching to find my path to not just cope with all the unpleasant feelings of disconnect from life, but to end up living my life like I would have never dreamt before. After 12+ years in the German movie industry I passed my Heilpraktiker (German naturopath) exam and then worked 3 years as a product manager … Now I combine my love for art, science & health in this event and the production of the upcoming docu series. But the best is: I got to a place where I can experience the magic of life, nearly every moment if I tune into it. And for me, the key to this is the magic of my heart … maybe you like to discover yours too? 😉 I’d be happy to continue this journey along with you … and meet you one day to share our findings!


Benedikt Just

Your Heart Is Not A Pump

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Join Us Feb. 25-Mar. 5 for the great collection of scientists, researchers, doctors, spiritual teachers and more, as we explore how to support stronger relationships, better health & increased vitality.



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