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This event is over and we are preparing for the part 2 of this event, but we give you a 2 day free entry to all the speakers, so you can discover valuable insights about your heart!

In a world, where there seems to be no limit to what we can create technologically, we feel more lonely and without joy in life than ever before. All systems we created, from the medical to the financial and educational show significant problems to deliver what we really want:

Health, peace, freedom, love, prosperity, equality, diversity, individuality, spirituality, clean nature, good real food and so on …

We strongly believe that all of this can only be achieved if we rediscover and reignite the deeper purpose of our hearts.

Reversing and preventing heart disease is the first step …

Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds, and someone dies of a heart attack every 60 seconds. Despite billions of dollars spent on technology and pharmaceutical research cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in both men and women globally.

The science is clear on how to prevent the silent killer that is heart disease, and still, we face an epidemic that takes the lives of those we love, and often, too soon.

This is why we created The Heart Revolution, a free online event gathering the leading scientist, doctors, relationship experts and thought leaders to teach us how to heal, empower and enlighten our hearts.

At The Heart Revolution event you will discover ...

The physical heart

  • Why your heart is NOT A PUMP – Seriously!
  • Your heart as a ‘connector’ to this planet and all beings
  • Proven, safe, effective and gentle alternatives to drugs
  • The real cause of heart attacks – Only few docs know this!
  • Why and how heart disease is reversible
  • How to use your heart wisdom to choose your path to health
  • How mother-child bonding is linked to your heartfield
  • The connection of your heart and all other bodily organs
  • The growing movement of a ‘new generation’ of cardiologists
  • And so much more …

The emotional heart

  • What the biggest source of stress in our lives really is
  • How to take care of yourself in emotionally challenging situations
  • How ancestral emotional entanglement influences you today
  • How to grow compassion and love in your relationship
  • Why it is important to go beyond fleeing ‘negative’ emotions
  • How to reclaim your life after severe loss and grief
  • How our school system was designed to subdue our hearts
  • How to reconnect with the deeper wisdom of your heart
  • How the loss of a playful childhood impacts our live
  • And so much more …

The spiritual heart

  • The connection of heart, love and soul
  • How you can use gibberish to re-connect to your heart
  • The different cultural concepts of the true purpose of our hearts
  • The heart teachings of the original tantric scriptures
  • The beautiful teachings of Sufism about our hearts
  • Your soul’s emotional experiences in the afterlife
  • What emotional triggers tell you about your soul-path
  • How our heart is connected to this living planet
  • Why following your heart is the only way to live in harmony
  • And so much more …

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imgresA Guide to Adrenal Recovery ($20 value!)

Rebalance your life and your health after challenging periods of stress, using natural, drug-free solutions.
static1-squarespaceDr. Millie’s Guide to Organ Detox ($35 value!)

The Guide includes an added bonus video on foods that detox emotions: this gift is an inspired interpretation of using food to increase JOY and decrease DEPRESSION – both emotions governed by the heart.
The Emotional Detox video will be forwarded to each individual after they download the Guide to Organ Detox.
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The Nourish Your Whole Self Guide begins with a colorful infographic outlining the 7 Systems of Health. Each color-coded section outlines a different system of health, with information about the body parts, physiological activities, core issues, and foods associated with each system. These systems serve as the foundation for the Food & Spirit methodology.

logo27 Ways to Nourish Your Whole Self Report ($40 value!)

Description: In the 7 Ways to Nourish Your Whole Self Report you’ll learn about nutritional changes you can implement to balance each system and invite health into your life.

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Description: You can begin to enact powerful changes in your life using the Nourish Your Whole Self Workbook. Using guided activities, this workbook will help you to highlight which areas of your physical, mental, and spiritual health are depleted and crave full-spectrum health.

Free videos session from Ameet Aggrawal, ND ($35 value!)
how to heal the mind and body using energy psychology and naturopathic medicine


imagesMindful Healing Meditation: Working with Pain & Difficulty MP3 Audio ($35 value!)

This 30-minute audio presentation by Dr. Paul Epstein contains a brief introduction to the topic of Mindful Healing and a guided meditation to assist you in working with pain and difficulty. This meditation is a powerful tool for opening to any struggle, pain or challenge, that you might be facing, in a way that promotes deep transformation and authentic healing.

imagesWorking with Pain & Difficulty Resources (PDF File) ($35 value!)

This wisdom-packed handout contains links to several of Dr. Epstein’s favorite articles on meeting pain and difficulty with compassion and awareness. With this approach, we can discover the message, meaning and opportunity that is often hidden in the midst of our struggles. This handout also contains the actual script (process) used to guide the Mindful Healing Meditation: Working with Pain and Difficulty (also included).

images7 Intentions for Meditation & Healing (PDF File) ($20 value!)
This handout contains a profound set of 7 intentions (or qualities of being) that we can cultivate in order to maximize our Mindful Healing approach to our meditation practice and our healing process. Adapted by Dr. Epstein from Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn.”

urlAn episode of the Power Hour, hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Featuring special guests Dr. Jeffrey Bland and Dr. Deanna Minich. Plus, 3 of our favorite scientific articles from Dr. Tom O’Bryan and $10 FREE Cash to use in store!

unnamedThe Seven Steps to Healing Emotional Trauma and Building Resilience ($20 value!)

Get your Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) Score.
Understand the prevalence and impact of ACEs on health across a lifetime.
Understand the mechanisms of how your childhood biography becomes your biology in adulthood.

Learn and apply the 7 Steps to Healing Childhood Trauma and Building Resilience.

book67 Adrenal Reset Diet Recipes ($35 value!)

Find out exactly how to press the reset button & transform your body from stressed & fat to thriving & fit with Dr. C’s favorite recipes!

Reset your adrenals to lose fat faster & restore your optimal health.
With this cookbook, you’ll learn the secrets of strategically cycling carbs to balance your adrenals to get you the health you deserve”

10-big-ideas-cover-231x30010 Big Ideas to Tune-Up Your Heart Health- PDF ($20 value!)

Let me share ten big ideas to help you tune up your heart and your life. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and men and has an enormous impact on health worldwide, even though we can prevent it 90% of the time. As important, the same factors that lead to heart disease also play a dramatic role in your quality of life. The good news is that when you take steps to tune up your heart, you benefit your circulation, and consequently you also enhance your energy, waistline, brain speed, and romantic function.


jigsaw-magnesium-book-download-2FREE Download: What They Don’t Want You To Know…

Get instant FREE access to the popular eBook “What They Don’t Want You to Know About Magnesium…”


Free Intro Webinar: Pain-Free & Strong

As a regenerative medicine specialist, I get questions daily on how to lower pain.The bottom line is, you hurt because something has gone awry in the environment of your body. You hurt because hormones, neurochemistry, the foods you eat, your sleep patterns, your toxicity levels and your exercise habits are ALL part of the equation. How can you fix this? I’ve laid it all out in one program.

cancer-fighting-foods-3d-1Gift Top Ten Cancer-Fighting Super Foods from Ocean and John Robbins ($20 value!)

Did you know that certain foods help to prevent and perhaps even reverse cancer?
Find out what they are, and how to put them to work in your life! Plus, get delicious recipes made using these foods.”

drew-christensenDr. Drew Christensen’s Start with the Heart

21 days of creating lasting health, meaningful business and abundant living



5f4dedc8-2893-488c-ace6-9d8dbe0629265 Key Strategies Ebook with Russel Jaffee

In this whitepaper, functional medicine pioneer, Russell Jaffe, will review five key elements of a clinically validated health optimization program founded in the principles of functional immunology.

Whatever your clinical specialty or type of practice, the information Dr. Jaffe shares will enable you to better use an evidence-based approach to achieve better outcomes for your patients and for your practice. 

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